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2nd Drug Test at school

So the first time I failed a drug test at school the dean said my levels were 226 and she said they would check up on me some time in the future.

She also said normally students can score a 0-100 and they’ll pass. And she said that next time if I don’t get 226 or lower I would be expelled but if I got lower I would be ok.

Well I cut back ALOT and I smoked like 3 days before my drug test (which was random, they obviously didn’t warn me what day I would have it on). I just got them back today and my levels were at 56. She said my levels should have been 0 and me, thinking I was in my clear, told her that I had smoked like 2 weeks before the test.

She said that they would have to go talk to the principle and I could get a possible suspension or expulsion. I know I shouldn’t have told her I smoked and denied everything but I thought I was good because last time she said if I scored lower I would be ok. And I’m also in the safe range they give for students (0-100)

So my question is what do you guys think would happen to me and anything I should do? Would the school really expel me? I don’t really care if I’m suspended for a little bit.

Thanks for any replies

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